Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. It is important to catch the cancer early to provide the best possible treatment. When cancer is allowed to grow and develop, it becomes more aggressive and is harder to treat. Recognizing the symptoms of breast cancer provides the opportunity for early treatment solutions.

Breast Lumps:
While most lumps in the breast are not cancerous, the development of lumps that feel different from surrounding tissues or that develop quickly is a potential sign of cancer. Regular self-examination from an early age will make early detection possible because women will feel the difference between normal tissue lumps and an abnormal lump.

Changes to Breast Shape:
When the breast changes in size, shape or contour, it might be a symptom of the cancer. While many other reasons can cause changes to the breast, such as pregnancy or hormones, cancer commonly results in a sudden change to the breasts.

In general, the contour and shape of breasts is fairly consistent throughout life. Size might change based on several factors, but the shape is usually consistent. Women should seek medical advice if sudden changes to the breast size or changes in shape occur.

Bloody Discharge:
Bloody discharge from the nipple is a symptom of breast cancer. While women should expect milk or clear discharge before and after pregnancy, blood is always a bad sign. When women notice blood discharging from the nipples, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Even if it is not breast cancer, bloody discharge is often a sign of serious problems.

In some cases, women will notice clear discharge instead of blood. Clear discharge may be a sign of cancer or it might relate to a pregnancy. Regardless of the cause, it is best to seek medical advice.

Changes to the Skin:
The skin of the breast can go through changes after cancer develops. Common changes include pitting on the skin and peeling on the nipple. Both symptoms are signs of cancer and require medical evaluation. Redness is another possible change that might signify cancer, but it can also relate to other skin issues.

Breast cancer is a serious concern for many women. By recognizing common symptoms, women can get early treatment and prevent the formation of aggressive forms of cancer. When women are worried about changes to the breast, it is always best to seek medical advice