Colon Cancer Awareness Month


Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Colon Cancer Awareness Month was started in February of 2000 by President Bill Clinton to make the public more aware of colon cancer and its symptoms. It was established in hopes of making March a month of growing education and awareness of colon cancer as well as specialized fundraising events for colon cancer patients and colon cancer study.

What is Colon Cancer Awareness Month?
Colon Cancer Awareness Month brings people together for the common cause of finding a cure for colon cancer. It is a rallying point for cancer survivors, patients, and healthcare professionals. Awareness of Colon cancer is shared by wearing blue clothing and blue ribbon colors. Specialized advertisement on the TV, radio and social media also promote screening for colon cancer and information about colon cancer research and treatment.

What Kind of Activities Can I Do to Financially Support Colon Cancer Research at My Business?
Colon cancer awareness activities can include almost any fundraising program. One very popular activity is to have people in your business or organization pay a nominal fee to wear casual clothing. Each employee who wants to wear jeans to work is required to pay 5 or ten dollars every Friday. All proceeds go to your company’s colon cancer support fund. Any employee who pays the donation fee to wear casual attire needs to have some identifier to show that they paid to wear jeans, such as a stick-on tag. This activity is one of the more lucrative ways to earn money for colon cancer study with minimum effort.

A variation on the “Casual Friday” idea is to sell Colon cancer-related t-shirts. If a person buys a colon cancer awareness t-shirt, they can wear the shirts with jeans on Friday, or whichever special days you choose. If the individual wears the shirt, you know they donated to colon cancer research.

Bake sales, rummage sales, walk-a-thons are also ways to make money for colon cancer study and increase awareness of colon cancer issues. You could also have a contest for the best slogan in February. Your fellow employees have unlimited creativity that can be tapped to bring awareness to colon cancer issues. The point of all these activities is to get the word out on colon cancer, to prevent colon cancer, and to educate the general population on the importance of early detection for successful colon cancer treatment.