Recovering From Treatment

Recovering From Treatment

Cancer treatment is a serious business. While it saves your life, it can also take a toll on your body. Here are some of the common side effects of cancer treatment and some behaviors that will improve your health and your quality of life.

Rest after cancer treatment is important. However, cancer survivors who exercise regularly discover several benefits and improvements to the quality of their lives. Endurance and stamina increases as physical strength improve. People who use regularly have reduced fatigue and sleep better at night. If you worry about the events surrounding your cancer treatment, receiving adequate exercise will help your self-esteem, mood and help you avoid depression.

Please follow your doctor’s advice on the amount of exercise you need. You may need to build up your activity level over a period of time after chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for cancer. Increasing your activity level may be as simple as walking instead of taking the elevator, moving around the house to do easy household chores. You can also park a short distance from your destination to add a short walk to your day.

If you had major surgery to remove your cancer, you would need to build up your stamina over time. For minor surgery recuperation, a shorter amount of time will be necessary to increase the amount of exercise you can endure. Either way, exercise is a crucial part of your recovery from cancer treatment.

Eating a balanced diet is important any time in your life, but it is especially important after cancer treatment. To rebuild any damage that may have been done by cancer or the treatment for the disease, your body will need the right building blocks. Eating healthy foods will give you the building materials you need to build a healthy, cancer-free body.

Several factors ensure a healthy diet. The American Cancer Society recommends the following elements for a nutritious diet:

An occasional treat won’t hurt you, but concentrate on eating the foods mentioned above for a healthy diet and quick recovery from cancer treatments. Follow this advice, and you and your family can expect a long, healthy life to come.