Alternative Cancer Treatments

Natural Cancer Treatments

This year, it’s expected that 564,800 will die of cancer. That is the equivalent of 1,500 people daily. These statistics are grim, and cancer is the second leading cause of death challenged only by heart disease. Obviously, there are many treatment options available. While you could choose to undergo current medical procedures, they often involve invasive measures that sometimes cause more harm than good.

Herbal Supplements

Throughout history, people have been using herbs to increase their health and vitality as well as fight off disease. A growing number of people are incorporating herbal supplements into their cancer treatment regimen. Unlike many drugs on the market, you won’t have to face a plethora of side effects, and thousands have reported that regular use has helped improve their situations. Among the options from which you can experiment include:


An increasingly popular form of alternative medicine, homeopathy is the concept that substances that generate cancer-like symptoms can encourage the body to naturally fight the disease. Patients use products using a highly diluted form of plant, herb, mineral or animal product in most situations.

A study conducted in 2006 showed that consistent use of homeopathic remedies did slow the progression of cancer in rats that were injected with prostate cancer cells. Keep in mind many homeopathic products have not been tested, so always consult a physician before use.


Acupuncture therapy can be highly beneficial for those undergoing chemo. According to the National Cancer Institute, it has been shown to significantly decrease nausea normally accompanied with this treatment option. Furthermore, patients can benefit from:

More Options Than Meets the Eye

We often limit our options when it comes to cancer treatment. However, scientists who study natural remedies for cancer have found evidence to support that Mother Nature can actually revert cancer cells back to once that function normally. Whether you have tried current procedures without positive results or want to avoid them completely, these alternative options are worth consideration.